Lusting Over Zara

Zara New Arrivals

Sequin embroidered jumpsuit? Black and white tank top with an ideal splash of painter’s tape blue? Metallic and bejeweled sandals with an easy wooden heel? Be still, my heart.

It’s cool, Zara. You can have all of my money. Please, take it. I don’t need it for rent, bills, meals and in case of rainy days. What’s another dozen dinners of instant noodles with a generous amount of Sriracha on top?

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No Seasons Events and Design Photoshoot

No Seasons Shoot at Pink Wall off Melrose

Though this blog originally started as a “fashion blog” of sorts, you may have noticed that such style posts starring yours truly have gradually declined. To be honest, I’m much more comfortable (read: less painfully awkward) behind the lens, hollering things like “WERK IT, WERK IT” and “GIVE ME YOUR BEST BLUE STEEL!”

I also learned that bribes of free beer will wear even the most patient of men down when you demand a zillion photos and only pick a measly two. 

Thus, I was thrilled when my friends Jasmin and Kassey behind No Seasons Events and Design asked me to take photos for their upcoming website. These two are somethin’ special, let me tell you — not only do they have adorable style (oh, that is so odd; I have no idea how that floral blazer, color block skirt, distressed pinstripe denim and sequin/sheer top disappeared from your closets and appeared in mine), but they are completely hilarious. And I mean the good kind of funny, as in the humor that stems from clever wit. My favorite.

We headed over to Paul Smith’s infamous Pink Wall in West Hollywood to snap a few photos, then went to the neighboring Alfred Coffee and Kitchen for a switch in scenery and to grab a coffee.

No Seasons Shoot at Pink Wall off Melrose

No Seasons Photoshoot at Pink Wall off Melrose

No Seasons Photoshoot at Pink Wall off Melrose

No Seasons Photoshoot at Pink Wall off Melrose

No Seasons Photoshoot at Pink Wall off Melrose

Both have ample experience in the fashion and design, working alongside key players in the industry such as Dress for SuccessStela9StyleBistro and DailyCandy (<3). Can't wait to see what these ladies have in store for us when they team up and pool their talents into No Seasons!

Pine and Crane + Home Brewed Bar

Recent happy discoveries in the Los Angeles area:


Pine & Crane in Silver Lake (left) and Home Brewed Bar in Pasadena (right). Both have the passed the proverbial test — with flying colors, might I add — to qualify for my Los Angeles Guide. Favorite places in DLTA were also recently added to the guide’s growing list of neighborhoods, including insanely adorable shop Poketo and crowd favorite G&B Coffee. (Hollywood, Culver City, Santa Monica and Venice, among others, coming soon!)

Young Creatives: Toni Truong, Leather Designer

Toni Truong, leather designer and owner of TONI

Once upon a time, Toni Truong was a 22-year-old energy trader living in Houston, Texas. Every Monday through Friday, she sat at a desk flanked by eight computer monitors and two phones, dutifully dealing megawatts on an electrical grid.

Then, at age of 25, a “quarter-life crisis” hit. She soon quit her job at the oil and gas company, packed her bags and headed to Los Angeles, enrolling in Otis College of Art and Design with an emphasis in fashion design. A flurry of schooling and employment later — with each step of the way fueled by determination and perseverance — Toni now owns and operates her very own line of handcrafted leather goods for the refined and edited woman: TONI. Components of TONI’s luxe products are all locally sourced and handmade.

Though this change of heart might seem rather abrupt to you or me, it never was for Toni. She had always been crafty, particularly since learning how to sew in an 8th grade home economics class. Real life and its aptness toward practicality happened, however, and the hobby took a backseat to carrying out a booming internship turned full-time, lucrative job. Despite this paved path to success in the energy trading world, her “rat race”-type of life left her feeling empty and more than a little bit stuck.

Craving some sort of change, Toni took time off from her corporate-centric routine. Within a year, she gallivanted throughout approximately 14 countries, including a solo trip to Australia and a backpacking trip through Spain, Madrid and Barcelona.

It was the final push she needed. Toni explains:

Toni Truong, leather designer and owner of TONI


 I’m sure you have worked with a variety of materials. Why specialize in leather?
T: I had tried everything else already. I did silks, I did cotton, I did shoes. I even did bridal. At one point, I thought I wanted to be the next Monique Lhuillier or Vera Wang. Wedding gowns are a unique thing to do and have great added value. But whenever I worked on those projects, no light bulb went off.

I was in transition between jobs after Otis, and I worked at a textile company in DTLA. It was at that time I realized I never had worked with leather before. So I brought a skin of leather home and decided to make Christmas presents. The first product was leather bag I made for my mom for Christmas 2009. Then, I started TONI in February 2010. When I made that first leather bag for my mom, it just felt right.

Toni Truong, leather designer and owner of TONI

How did you master working with leather, which is typically more difficult to work with?
T: While working with leather for the first time, I realized how intricate it was. Not everyone can really handle it. It was a big puzzle that I loved figuring out. I was never formally taught, and I’ve never worked with a leather company before. I just tried. Any questions had, I just went to the stores where they sold [leather material] and asked tons of questions. Maybe it was a blessing in disguise because I feel if someone told me how to do certain things, it would’ve been overwhelming.

But when you dive first into something you don’t know, you kind of take it as it comes. This also applies to starting a business. I definitely didn’t know what was going to happen — I’m the person who would just go with it.

Toni Truong, leather designer and owner of TONI

How long does it take to design and create a bag?
T: For some bags, designing could take months. It could be up to five prototypes just to make the design. I will wear the bag and see how it fits, just so I can make sure it’s something I relate to and would possibly buy.

The backpack, for example, can take six hours to actually make. Smaller bags are easier and take up to at least two, maybe three and a half hours. You have to hand-cut everything because there are curvatures and delicacies that machines just can’t get. From there, you have to assemble it and stitch it.

Toni Truong, leather designer and owner of TONI

The best thing about being a self-made entrepreneur?
T: You have your own schedule, and you get credit for everything that you do. But, you also get credit for every bad thing you do. Creating a brand from scratch is very difficult, but now that I see what direction I want to take, it’s like: “Wow, I didn’t realize I had that in me.” It’s a personal challenge and a professional challenge, but to look back and see that you’ve overcome all of those obstacles? That’s probably the most rewarding thing.

Toni Truong, leather designer and owner of TONI

And at the other end of the spectrum: What’s the worst?
T: Finding the direction. Finding the pace. Where do I go next? Nothing is ever written, you know. For awhile, I wanted to sell things on my own because I wanted to be involved. I went from store to store before realizing that wasn’t the best way to work. Trade shows weren’t for me either. Now, I’m finding a showroom to help me with all of that, which means finding the right chemistry with how you work. Showrooms have a complexity because you have to find one you trust and mesh well with, and one that goes with your aesthetic.

It’s all of these variables, and finding the right balance. That even applies to designing a bag: You have so many options out there, but you have to find the balance of your aesthetic, what’s available for hardware and leather; and just creating something you can sell, that is honest with you and what others would like. It’s always always a balance with everything, and that’s part of the struggle.

Do you have any advice for other people in your field who are just starting out?
T: I guess it goes back to how we started the conversation.

Toni Truong, leather designer and owner of TONI

Toni Truong, leather designer and owner of TONI

I met Toni while attending one of her first-ever leather workshops that was stocked with wine, gummy bears and cheese and crackers. (Uh, count me in.) What initially struck me about Toni was her bright talent. The second impression that immediately followed the first? Her bright adoration for what she does, shining from the inside-out. Toni’s positive attitude was infectious during the workshop, even coming from someone like me who has absolutely zero patience for working with needles and other small-sized objects. Like the Young Creatives featured on this blog before her, Toni is one to watch, y’all.

photos of Toni courtesy of Trisha Angeles
all other photos via TONI

Style Crush: Solange Knowles

Solange Knowles Fashion Inspiration #style

Though my love of Beyonce is hardly a secret (a casual photograph of us at yet another award’s show), I also hold vast admiration for her younger sister, Solange. In addition to being a force of talent with a distinct musical quality, Solange has a natural eye for mixing bold prints with vibrant, even neon colors. Needless to say, I’ve been taking plenty of notes on her sassy styling, eye-catching ‘do and vivacious way of (rightfully) strutting her stuff.

01 twist scarf  | 02 oversize sunglasses  | 03 tapered pants  | 04 floral dress
05 metallic pumps | 06 ice cream clutch | 07 chain bracelet | 08 wrap skirt

images via Harpers Baazar